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WCRC – Grand Valley

The WCRC – Grand Valley addresses the challenges associated with conserving and efficiently using agricultural water, given that the majority of Colorado water rights are used for farming and food production.

Our work propels knowledge on integrated cropping systems, supporting studies of reduced tillage operations, cover crops, single season inter-cropping, as well as research on alternative crops and forages. Additional to these efforts, the station hosts crop variety trials in partnership with industry and other universities.


Versatile research equipment


Numerous institutional partnerships

Irrigation Research

on all methods used by western Colorado growers

Research Programs

We have two primary research program areas that encompass several ongoing research projects supporting western Colorado growers. 

irrigation pipe

Irrigation and Water Resources

Learn more about irrigation and water resource research and extension projects.

Other Collaborative Research Projects

We work in tandem with a number of research scientists in the community and across the state. Our collaborations span projects in agronomy, crops testing, seed production, and soil health. 

Food Insecurity

Amanda McQuade
Donate fruits and vegetables

Visit Food Insecurity Website

Compost Application

Retta Bruegger and Megan Mackmuller
Compost and commercial fertilizer.

Foundation Seed

Barry Ogg
Growing pinto bean seedstock for foundation seed.

Visit Foundation Seed Website

Variety Trials

Sally Jones Diamond
Corn, grain, and silage variety trials

Visit CSU Crops Website


Russ Schumacher
Climate research project

Visit CoAgMet Website

Contact Information

Physical Address

1910 L Road
Fruita, CO 81521
(970) 858-3629

Perry Cabot

Extension Professor
Irrigation and Water Resources
(970) 858-3629 ext. 202

Sri Pinnamaneni

Research Scientist
Integrated Cropping Systems

Jim Fry

Operational Manager
(970) 858-3629 ext 20

Charles (Bill) Szasz II

Research Associate II


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