Our Purpose

  • Perform applied research and deliver reliable results pertinent to current issues faced by organic growers.
  • Engage with the community through education and cooperation.
  • Emphasize organic production and environmental sustainability.


Increase organic agricultural opportunities in support of the well-being of farmers in Western Colorado.


To be a source of scientific rigor, dependable and accessible education, and organic methodologies n pursuit of solving current agricultural issues in Western CO.


  • Accessibility
  • Community engagement
  • Trustworthy science
  • Sustainability
  • Conservation
  • Diversity and Inclusion


Advisory Committee Members 

David Harold

Tuxedo Corn Co. 

Laura Parker

High Desert Seed & Garden

Steve Ela

Ela Family Farms  

Harrison Topp

Topp Fruits

Robbie LeValley

Delta County Administrator  

Nicole Didero

Regional Specialist CSU Extension