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Program Contributions

  • Growth traits, fertility and carcass composition and quality of Red Angus, Gelbvieh and Piedmontese steers and heifers.
  • Use of ammoniated wheat straw as a forage for non-lactating beef cows up to 60 days before calving.
  • Effect of body cow condition (scored 1 through 9) on reproductive performance.
  • Evaluation of salinomycin provided via free choice mineral supplement for improving performance of grazing cattle.
  • Supplementation of stocker cattle on pasture with the feed additive Bovatec in a shelf fed supplement.
  • Effects of Synovex-S, Compudose and Ralgro on the performance of suckling steer calves.
  • Comparison of five supplementation programs for pregnant beef cows.
  • Evaluation of the effect of cow size and level of milk production on efficiency.
  • Management of cancer eye in beef cows.
  • Effect of castration method, implant treatment and wormer on suckling calves.
  • Alternative grass and grain feed systems for beef production.
  • Aeuromycin 50 premix effects on intake of salt mineral mix, gain and health of grazing yearling steers.
  • Effect of microbial inoculant on corn silage quality and steer performance.
  • Effect of microbial inoculant on wheat silage quality and steer performance.
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