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Program History

The ECRC research effort presently is focused on beef cattle reproduction and nutrition.

Extensive research has been conducted at ECRC in beef cattle estrous synchronization. Early work evaluated the use of estradiol valerate and progesterone to induce estrus in non-cycling heifers. Recently, a low cost system using melengestrol acetate (MGA) and prostaglandin F2a for synchronizing estrus has been developed. This system is highly effective in replacement heifers and has been evaluated in lactating cows and found to be effective when body condition is not limiting.

Beef cattle nutrition research is being done in both range and feedlot. Work has been completed on the effect of time (a.m. vs p.m.) or supplementation on range. The effect of protein type upon finishing steer performance when fed whole shelled corn has been studied and research has shown positive effect on the economics of feeding whole shelled corn in a finishing ration.

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