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Organic Production

The focus of Organic Research at Colorado State University is to develop a foundation of organic practices for: perennial fruit tree, vine plantings, and an array of vegetables. Fundamentally, the organic research work will demonstrate best horticultural practices within the framework of organic standards, and a systems approach. A systems approach will be established so that each research project addresses a part of the whole. For example, the evaluation of different ground cover species in the orchard or vineyard will engage weed science, soil microbiology, soil fertility, entomology, irrigation efficiency, carbon sequestration, and multi trophic predator prey relationships that all play a part in the performance of the crop. All of these represent potential areas of applied research that play vital roles in the system’s performance. Research will focus on solving immediate needs while maintaining a keen eye on long term issues facing regional growers.”

Organic Research Station at Rogers Mesaseedlings

The research foci at RMRS addresses organic agriculture with an emphasis on tree fruits, table grapes, wine grapes, organic seed production and greenhouse studies. RMRS is located 3 miles west of Hotchkiss, Colorado with a growing season of 125 days.

Agricultural Research, Development & Education Centerbrown fountain grass

ARDEC was founded in 1993 in order to encourage cooperation between soils, crop and water research scientists in an integrated setting under common management.

San Luis Valley Research Center

The first San Luis Valley Research Center was established in 1888 on 200 acres of state land near the Rio Grande River. Beginning in 1940, the principal research activity was focused on selecting potato varieties adaptable to the region.

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