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Program History

The research conducted at Plainsman Research Center is planned by the Board of Directors of the Plainsman Agri-Search Foundation, Center staff, and Agricultural Experiment Station scientists from several departments at Colorado State University. However, the general areas of particular concern are:

  1. Conservation of water: Proper utilization of an exhaustible water supply is of prime importance; all aspects of water use require evaluation for economical crop production using less water.
  2. Conservation of energy: This involves minimum tillage systems for irrigation including crop selection and rotation to reduce energy requirements. Also, energy for pumping water is becoming so expensive that conservation of energy is an economical necessity. Obviously, any conservation of water will result in a corresponding conservation of energy.
  3. Maximizing profits: The immediate need for all of agriculture has to be profit. Consequently, part of the research program is directed toward this specific goal, regardless of water and energy.
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