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New/Revised Project Development Process

Steps in initiating a new or revised CAES project:

  • Project Director (PD – formerly called Principal Investigator PI) initiates project following his/her College/Department Approval Process.
  • Department Head/Chair  meets with the CAES Director regarding recommended list of projects
  • If approved by CAES Director, PD completes required forms, and obtains signatures
  • PD sends complete proposal (electronic & hardcopy with signatures) to Jan at CAES Director’s Office
  • Jan checks data and obtains final approval/signatures from the CAES Director
  • ABC assigns project number; sets up account(s)
  • Jan sends forms to the Research Integrity & Compliance Review Office for their review/approval/signature.
  • Jan submits final forms to NIFA via the new NIFA Reporting System.
  • NIFA reviews/approves project; assigns accession number.
  • NIFA emails approval to Jan and PD.
  • Jan updates database; sends approval letter to Associate Dean of Research with copies to ABC, Department Head and PD. ABC contacts department regarding account numbers.
  • PD submits progress report on an annual basis. CAES sends request to departments in November; due in January. (Requests for reports for NIFA grants are sent throughout the year.)
  • At the end of the project term, PD has the option to terminate, “renew”, or extend the project (maximum of 5 years). Process starts over.
  • If project is denied by NIFA, appropriate steps are taken to remedy the situation.
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