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“The return on dollars invested in agricultural research has been 130 to 150 percent ever since the 1930’s. For every dollar invested the public has received $1.30 to $1.50 of benefits. For every new dollar the return is $1.40. This return is even higher for the commodity for which the research was directed.” Source: IR-6: Analysis for the Evaluation and Prioritization of Agricultural and Related Research Programs

  • Research at the SLVRC concentrates on potato production. However, research is also conducted on spring and winter wheat including durum, hard red and soft white; malt barley, oats, alfalfa and alternative crops canola and quinoa.
  • Current potato research projects involve breeding and selection; seed improvement; storage, processing, and culinary quality studies; cultural practices; bacterial, fungal, and virus disease studies; integrated pest management; and simulated hail studies.
  • Additional research projects are being developed to support ongoing efforts in the San Luis Valley to develop a potato processing industry and support other efforts to develop domestic and international export markets for potatoes.
  • Agronomic crop projects include variety trials on wheat, barley, oats, and alfalfa; and field trials on potential new crops such as quinoa and canola.
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