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Southwestern Colorado Research Center

The Southwestern Colorado Research Center (SWCRC) works to advance knowledge in the agricultural, biological, soil and water-related sciences, while also promoting regional engagement in community development, food systems and natural resources projects. SWCRC partners with CSU Extension in Dolores and Montezuma County to maintain a three acre research and demonstration orchard located at the research center. SWCRC is in Southwestern Colorado, 15 miles north of Cortez, CO, and at an elevation of 6,900 feet it is the second highest elevation Colorado research center in Colorado.

SWCRC was established in 1981 when the State Board of Agriculture purchased 155 acres in Yellow Jacket to establish the research center. Water from the Dolores Project was delivered to SWCRC for the first time in June 1987. Currently, 20 acres are maintained for dryland research and the remaining acres are irrigated with a 40-acre center pivot, side rolls and limited drip irrigation. At an elevation of 6,900 feet it is the second highest elevation research center in Colorado. SWCRC conducts research on a variety of crops including: alfalfa, beans, wheat, sunflowers, sorghum, cover crops, hemp and emerging specialty crops.

A three-acre research and demonstration orchard was established in 1991 and is jointly maintained by CSU Extension-Dolores County, CSU Extension–Montezuma County and SWCRC. Presently, evaluations are ongoing with 75 different fruit tree varieties including 21 field apples, 43 trellised apple varieties, two apple varieties planted in a “super high density,” five peach varieties, four pear varieties, three plum varieties, one raspberry variety and 14 grass varieties.

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The Southwestern Colorado Research Center is part of a network of 8 research centers (9 sites) throughout the state.

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