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Technical Report Policies

  1. The Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) will publish Technical Reports where the purpose is to:
    • provide interim or final results for the most recent tests related to commodity trials or for research affecting specific agricultural industry segments.
    • provide timely and readily useable information to peer scientists, industry specialists, Cooperative Extension personnel, research center advisory committees, and others.
  2. Technical Report manuscripts must be peer reviewed, before acceptance by the CAES Director’s Office for publication. Documentation of review will be retained in department for one year.
  3. Publications will be placed on the CAES web site.
  4. Costs of publication are borne by the author(s) — CAES $ ok.
  5. For digital-only publications, contact the CAES for alternatives to the standard, hard copy distribution



  • Submit draft manuscript to department head to initiate peer review
  • Make changes/corrections identified by peers on manuscript
  • Obtain TR number from CAES Director’s Office (Amy Bibbey, 1-3767)
  • Prepare:
    • TR Submission Form
    • Outside Cover Page
    • Inside Cover Page
  • Submit  to department head for signature/forwarding to CAES:
    • TR Submission form
    • Peer review comments
    • 1 camera-ready copy of final manuscript (page numbers in  center position)
    • 1 electronic copy of final manuscript, in two versions: PDF and WORD (each version as a SINGLE file, including both cover pages and  any optional graphics used on outside cover*) *If author requests CSU’s Publications Office to design optional graphics, author must handle payment arrangements directly with that office (IMO)
  • Author is responsible for distributing PI/department copies of final report.

Department Head:

  1. Assign a peer review committee of no less than two members to review manuscript. Provide each reviewer a copy of the Technical Report Peer Review Form.
  2. Send peer review comments to author.
  3. Upon receipt of camera-ready copy of final manuscript, forms, electronic file copies, and peer review comments, complete the department head certification and forward packet (except peer review comments, which are to be retained in the department for one year), to the CAES Director’s Office.


  • Assign publication number
  • Approve/disapprove publication
  • If not approved, contact author
  • If approved:
    • Notify author of approval and date forwarded for printing
    • Complete copy form and forward with complete, camera-ready copy of final manuscript to FastPrint
  • Update CAES publication database
  • Post PDF file on CAES Web Page
  • Notify on-campus CAES faculty, research centers, and library listserv that publication is available on web site
  • Distribute copies to State Depository, Morgan Library, CAES files, and  author

Publications and Printing:

  • Design optional, customized cover graphics as requested (and paid for) by author(s)
  • Provide author with electronic file of graphic (that author inserts into outside cover page prior to manuscript submission to CAES)
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