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Grand Valley Research Station

The Grand Valley Research Station is located in Mesa County at an elevation of about 4600 feet, where the average annual precipitation of 8 to 12 inches is similar to much of the arid irrigated regions of Western Colorado. Crops are grown at this 80-acre station using traditional furrow irrigation on some fields, while using more efficient technology and practices on others. The Grand Valley Research Station addresses the challenges associated with conserving and efficiently using agricultural water, given that the majority of Colorado water rights are used for farming and food production. The frost-free season of up to 175 days and average annual daily minimum and maximum temperatures of 41°F and 64°F, respectively, allow the Grand Valley Research Station to conduct the bulk of agronomic research at the Western Colorado Research Center. This station propels knowledge on integrated cropping systems, supporting studies of reduced tillage operations, cover crops, single season inter-cropping, as well as research on alternative crops and forages. Additional to these efforts, the station hosts crop variety trials in partnership with industry and other universities.
Western Colorado Agricultural History

Research & Extension


Irrigation & Water Resources

Perry Cabot, PhD.


Integrated Cropping Systems

Reza Keshavarz, PhD.

Perry Cabot

Perry Cabot
Research & Extension Leader

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Sri Pinnamaneni

Sri Pinnamaneni
Research Scientist

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Advisory Committee

Steve Acquafresca
Grand Valley grower & 
Colorado Basin Roundtable Member

Allan Andales (CSU Campus Rep)
Colorado State University

Chris Cohu
Colorado Mesa University

John Currier
Colorado River District

Robert “Tad” Hutchins
Grand Valley producer

Frank Fry
Grand Valley producer

Tom Kay
North Fork Organics

Lowell King
Grand Valley producer

Leah Lopez
The Produce Peddler

Mark Meyer
Dekalb/Asgrow Colorado

Seth Urbanowitz (CSU Extension Rep)
Delta, Mesa, Montrose Extension

Chuck Walker
Dairy Specialists West

Troy Waters
Grand Valley producer

Voice: 970-858-3629
Fax: 970-858-0461

Fly over of Fruita Research Station

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