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Vegetable and Seed Production

Vegetable production, both small and large-scale, is a significant part of the Delta County agricultural system. Through vegetable and cover crop variety trials, OARSRM hopes to provide this diverse group of producers with practical data and regional-specific recommendations to implement on their farms. 

There is growing interest around the country and in Western Colorado around developing a regional seed-shed and small seed companies and seed savers are striving to meet this goal. Farmers who traditionally grew only produce are experimenting with producing seed for these and larger companies as a supplement to their farm businesses. On-farm seed selection and breeding is also gaining interest. In order to develop community resources for this burgeoning regional seed system, OARSRM partners with farmers and local nonprofits to provide seed schools, incubator programs, seed swaps, seed cleaning and harvesting equipment loans, and variety trials of regionally adapted seed. 

OARSRM also works to develop incubator programs and provide resources for farmers and food businesses here in our community. We have provided land, greenhouse space, irrigation water, equipment rentals, coolers space, and consultations. We gain great insight and connections from our partners in these projects and are grateful for their hard work and perspective. 

We’d also like to give a big shout out to our partners at the Learning Council of Paonia, CSU’s Community Alliance for Education and Hunger Relief, and the Delta Food Pantry, who help us to distribute all of the produce grown at the station to food banks and food-insecure community members. Thank you for your amazing work!

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