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SLVRC Employee receives Research Contributor Award

Important work is done every day at the San Luis Valley Research Center (SLVRC) and scientists from all walk of life come together to put forth effort in potato research.

One such scientist is Caroline Gray, research associate and winner of the CAS Research Contributor Award. The College of Agricultural Sciences held a banquet where Gray and other CAS employees were presented with awards.

In addition to herĀ formal plant breeding experience, Gray has trainingĀ in research methods,

statistics,Ā computer applications, greenhouse management,Ā plant pathology, and physiology. As a research associate, she serves as theĀ Assistant Leader for theĀ Colorado PotatoĀ Breeding and Selection program.

ā€œCaroline always impresses me with her uncanny ability to anticipate deadlines and how she helps keep the program on track,ā€ said Dr. David Holm. ā€œNot everyone has this foresight ability.ā€

Gray has been praised for her communication skills that allow her to speak with many diverse groups within the potato and agricultural industry. Gray has given grower-oriented presentations for approximately 250-300 people, has helped organize an advisory group for the Potato Breeding and Selection Program, and helped in developing a potato program web page and annual reports for the SLVRC.

Her skills carry over to successfully training new employees and adding to both the economic and scientific efficiency of the research center, while still maintaining an easy-going attitude and support and concern for otherā€™s success.


Author: Sarah Ehrlich

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